poc!potter makes so much sense though

think about it: petunia and vernon /hated/ james potter, made up stories about him “probably being unemployed” and they seemed to thoroughly dislike him for more than just the magic. how much d’you wanna bet…

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Questions you should ask yourself about your Strong Female Character. From this excellent article:

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why be a fan of severus snape when you can be a fan of regulus black?

Regulus Black who was noble and zealous and believed with all his heart in a cause. Regulus Black who saw his brother slip away from him, the brother who escaped their mother, while he stayed behind. Regulus Black, who was a Seeker and was kind to Kreacher. 

Regulus Black who lost his convictions because he saw the evil Voldemort was willing to do, and do to a house elf of all things. 

Regulus Black who went into that cave, who drank that potion, knowing what it did. Regulus Black who went there to sabotage the most evil wizard who ever lived. Regulus Black who became a rebel. Regulus Black who ordered Kreacher to safety even as he was dragged beneath the water.

Regulus Black who died without his brother ever knowing what he had done. Regulus Black who died without anyone knowing about his sacrifice. (And can you imagine his mother? Waiting for him to come home, only he never does? Her son never comes home.)

Regulus Black who redeemed himself. Regulus Black who was only 18 years old. 

Why would you like anyone else when you could like Regulus Black? 

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Anonymous asked: Oh, it's okay! :) Thank you for taking time and answering it haha and thank you for the links, means a lot :) x and I have also checked out your lavender brown one shot. It was beautiful. Have a good day :) thanks again!

no problem, i’m glad you found them helpful! and thank you for taking the time to read that old one-shot; i’m so pleased you like it! c:

Anonymous asked: Hello! So I came across your hpff page and also read your chapter of string theory which btw, is amazing. Hopefully, I won't annoy you with this request: as TDA is sadly banned in my country, I wanted a banner. And I read, you make banners, so can you make me one? Story is: lost & in love and my page is pottered. I'd like it as your banners are v beautiful. Thank you :) x

thank you, i’m so glad you like string theory and my graphics! i’m really sorry to hear that tda is banned in your country; unfortunately, i don’t take banner requests anymore and i’ve not been as active as i used to be with tda/graphics making for the past few months. there are a few other graphics forums here, here, here, and here where you can post requests after you’ve registered and i hope you find them helpful/are able to access them! <3



Muggleborns at Hogwarts

I lost my shit at stomp stomp clap


i’m so interested in the black sisters, these three young aristocratic girls growing up in the heart of an elite society and, for the first few years, life is so easy because they are blacks and the entire world is theirs for the taking

and then they get to hogwarts and…

Reasons I Love Sirius Black


This is small version of the novel-length in-depth post I shall someday undoubtedly write. It’s one part love, one part headcanon, and one part stringent defense.

  • He came from an aristocratic pureblood family with centuries of deep-rooted prejudice who enjoyed killing,…


narcissa malfoy was probably the most powerful occlumens in hogwarts history and nobody knew

she literally stood up to lord voldemort and lied that harry potter was dead and i don’t know about you but if i were an evil ruler i would probably want to triple-check that my nemesis was, you know, actually deceased

voldemort had actual doubts about snape

narcissa swans on by without a whisper, without a second glance